Fairey Battle Light Bomber

Fairey Battle
The Fairey Battle was an elegant looking, single engine, monoplane designed in 1937 as a bomber. It turned out that appearances didn’t count for much in combat. It was too big for it’s single Merlin engine, it wasn’t fast enough, or armed well enough and the Luftwaffe shot it down easily. The Battle was quickly found to be woefully vulnerable. The concept of this single-engined, light bomber was outdated. After 1940 it was used only as a pilot trainer and target tug. In total 2419 were built.

Technical Details
The Battle Mk.I had a crew of three, pilot, navigator/wireless operator and rear gunner. It was powered, inadequately, by a single 768kW Rolls-Royce Merlin I engine that gave it a maximum speed of 250 mph (400 km/h). It had a ceiling of 25,000 ft (7620m) and a range of 1180 mi (1900 km). Armament consisted of two 0.303 machine guns in the rear for the gunner and could carry 1,000 lbs of bombs.

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