McLeod Memorial Painting

By Artist G. Tanner

[image of painting] This original acrylic by George Tanner, was commissioned by the Heritage Department of Air Command in 1994, to become part of the visual display of the McLeod display held in the Air Command Museum. A considerable amount of research went into the accuracy of the event that is depicted. Attacked by eight enemy triplanes, McLeod controls his plane from outside the cockpit while his gunner continues to fire. His aircraft is on fire, bullet holes riddle the fuselage. Lt. McLeod was wounded five times during this confrontation and was further wounded by a bomb while rescuing his gunner from the plane’s wreckage after they had crashed. "Buster" McLeod was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions surrounding this event. His complete story is held within the Air Command Museum section of this site.

Image Size: 15.5" x 23.5"

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