Messerschmitt Bf108 "Taifun" Trainer/Reconnaissance

Messerschmitt Bf108
The Bf108 was of three seat, low wing design. It was used primarily as a trainer or as a liaison aircraft. As it shared many characteristics with the Bf 109 fighter, it was used as an initial fighter trainer by the Luftwaffe. The cabin monoplane was of advanced design when it first flew in 1934. A total of 887 were built until the end of WWII.

Technical Details
The "Taifun" was powered by a 175kW Argus As 10C engine that could pull it along at 186 mph (300 kph), with a ceiling up to 15,750 ft (4800 m) and had a range of 590 mi (950 km). It was not usually armed.

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Image From: With permission from Scott Rose’s Luftwaffe Resource Page