The Order of the British Empire


The Military Division is awarded for service in the field or before the enemy or for services to the Empire (Commonwealth). Members (M.B.E.) is part of the five-level hieraRchy of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Bar: A silver emblem of two oak leaves is worn on the riband when the appointment to the Order is for Gallantry.

Obverse: Until 1936, the badge contained a representation of Britannia with the motto "FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE" in a circle around her. The post 1936 (current) badge contains the conjoint bust of King George V and Queen Mary facing left with the motto "FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE" in a circle around them.

Description: The badge is a cross patonce (four arms with three points at each end of a broad arm), with a crown on the top arm. The first three classes are of silver gilt, with the arms enamelled pearl grey; the OBE is of silver gilt; and the MBE is made of silver. The neck badges are 2 1/2" across and the breast badge is 2" across.

Reverse: A rope circle with the Royal Cypher surmounted by a crown. Hallmarks on the lower limb.

Mounting: Ring attached to the top of the Crown through which the ribbon passes.

Pre 1936Purple, with a narrow central Scarlet stripe
Post 1936Rose-Pink with Pearl-Grey edges and a central narrow Pearl-Grey stripe.

Total Issued as of 1983: Over 2100 awarded to Canadians.


Major J.G. Eason, M.B.E., C.D. -- awarded 1980

The Distinguished Service Order

The Distinguished Service Cross

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